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Lego Robot Kits

Mindstorms Programmable EV3 Customizable Robot with Sensors
Star Wars 10225 R2D2
Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Astromech Droid

Robotic Kits

Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid
Sphero Ollie
Moss Magnetic

Robotic Hand Kits

OWI Robotic Arm Edge
Hexbug VEX
Star Wars Darth Vader Robotic Arm
4M Robotic Hand Kit
Revell Vexplorer Robotic System

Robotics 101

Robotics is a field concerned with the intelligent connection of perception to action. A Robot is a reprogrammable manipulator designed to move material, parts, or specialized devices through various programmed motions for performing various tasks. Robots at the middle and high school level cover many disciplines, from mechanical design, assembly, electronics and programming.

Intro to Robotic Arms

The most common manufacturing robot is the robotic arm. The robot arms can be autonomous or controlled manually and can be used to perform a variety of tasks with great accuracy. Although the most popular, it is also the most difficult of robots. A typical robotic arm is made up of seven metal segments, attached by six joints with individual step motors connected to each joint.

Meet Pepper, the Humanoid Robot

Pepper is the world's first personal robot that can read people's facial expressions and uses voice-recognition to analyze feelings through its cloud-based artificial-intelligence system. Although Pepper has limited motions, and may not understand everything you ask of it just yet, Japanese maker, SoftBank, is optimistic for this friendly humanoid robot, offering a reasonably low price point along with a data subscription to the cloud, to help popularize Pepper.

Watson's cognitive computing technology will allow Pepper robot to continuously gain knowledge and understand the world the way humans do - through senses, learning and experience. It will be able to tap into data and knowledge across the Internet of Things to learn quicker and better interpret data from social media, video, images, and text.

Since June 2015, 1,000 units of the robot, inspired by 1950s Astro Boy, have gone on sale every month, each time selling out in a matter of seconds. Prices starting at just below $2,000 + data plan.


New Educational Robot

Educational curriculum for middle schools and high schools.

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